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Improve ROI with cloud solutions

Companies moving to the cloud report better ROI, reduced hardware footprint and application maintenance burden, more agility, improved collaboration, ease of access from anywhere and any device and lower cost of ownership. From software to storage, learn how your business can harness the efficiency of the cloud and utilize hybrid cloud solutions.

Cloud Services at a Glance:

Technology Advantage Cloud Edition is customized to your business needs, providing access to network storage and online resources. Our solution is defined in simple to understand packages. All product packages provide a full “turnkey” solution that replaces the existing server infrastructure with a complete technology refresh at minimal capital cost.

Office 365 is a cloud-based service hosted by Microsoft. It brings together the power of Office with business class email, document sharing, instant messaging and video conferencing to give you access from anywhere – from PCs to smartphones and tablets.

Protect Backup offers both a local and cloud based solution that provides automated backup, recovery and protection of critical data while exceeding industry standards for its level of encryption. This service provides remote backup to store, recover and protect your critical data whether it’s on laptops, desktops or servers.

Securence Enterprise Email and Filtering Service is a comprehensive email management suite, including outbound content filter, security, archiving, email continuity, shadowing and email recovery. It allows you to manage your email, control what comes in, know what goes out and keep your company compliant, reducing time wasted deleting and reading unwanted emails.

Business Class File Sharing allows you to access and share your documents from any device leveraging storage powered by the cloud. OneDrive Pro, part of Office 365, seamlessly integrates into your office applications.

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Storage leverages the benefits of the cloud to deliver high‐performance tiered storage, live archiving, cloud based data protection and disaster recovery. StorSimple, now part of Microsoft, is a market leader in enterprise cloud technologies.

Corporate Technologies is one of only a select number of Microsoft partners who have earned Tier 3 status as a Cloud Accelerate Partner for our experience and expertise in the cloud. We have been offering cloud & hybrid cloud services for 10+ years. Ask our experts what cloud solutions are best for your environment.