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Protecting your business’s data is arguably one of the most important things that needs to be done for businesses big or small. Making sure that you have a disaster recovery plan can be the difference between staying open or closing up shop due to a technology disaster. Here are the most substantial reasons to not wait another day when it comes to make sure that you have a better backup in place.

Research shows that 95% of requests to restore lost data are for small files or individual documents. Using tape, these requests can take at least 30 minutes or longer.

With Protect, data is centrally stored and typically restored online at LAN speeds. Files are quickly and easily located and recovered within a few minutes.

With tape, IT staff spend valuable time performing recoveries for users.

With Protect, customized permissions allow users to recover their own files quickly. This saves time and money, and lets IT personnel focus on other important business issues.

It is common that electronics fail from time to time. When your desktops or server fails, do you have a plan that gives you 100% confidence that you can be back up and running quickly?

With Protect Online Backup you will sleep well at night knowing that, in the event of a disaster, you didn't leave anything to chance.

Tapes can be unreliable and easily damaged. Typically, offsite tapes must be physically retrieved to allow a restore.

With Protect, data is safely and securely stored offsite on disk. No need to physically pick it up.

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