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Protect is a simple software solution and you do not have to be in IT to understand the numerous advantages of using the technology. The backup software is a sophisticated automated solution that runs in the background with the added benefit of being hands-off.

Take a look at the diagram and description below in order to get a general understanding of the architecture. Please contact us for more additional details and technical information.


Our Protect Online Backup solution is easy to install, the software is agentless which helps deploy the solution in large environments and keeps the software from viruses and malware. The process of installing the Protect Online Backup starts with installing the software on one server in your network. Servers with Protect installed are generally called DS-Clients.

You can schedule your backup jobs to occur at any point before, during, or after the work-day. Data is transferred within your network using the Protect software.

With this best of breed solution your data is analyzed for new and changed data. The changed data is then deduplicated, compressed and encrypted right at the DS-Client server.

Once the data is encrypted and compressed, it is then transmitted over the internet to Corporate Techologies secured data center.