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No surprise expenses – pay only for the resources you use

Corporate Technologies’ Technology Advantage Cloud Edition is customized to your business needs, providing access to network storage and online resources. Our solution is defined in simple to understand packages. All product packages provide a full “turnkey” solution that replaces the existing server infrastructure with a complete technology refresh at minimal capital cost. The cloud offering includes the following:

  • Dedicated virtual server
  • 30 Day Backups
  • Firewall
  • Antivirus software

All servers, storage, operating systems, other Microsoft software are included in the subscription.

Benefits of Technology Advantage Cloud Edition:

  • Immediate scalability
  • Remote access and collaboration
  • Added IT security
  • Cost predictability
  • Improved disaster recovery
  • Cost efficiency
  • Backup services included

Technology Advantage Cloud Edition gives you the opportunity to refresh your technology, increase capability, and improve your competitive position with minimal capital cost. This customized, scalable solution allows you to pay only for what’s needed and can adapt to the changing needs of your business.

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