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Remote Workforce, are you ready?

Are you prepared for the Coronavirus pandemic?  Is your company set up for employees to work from home? Here are some questions that you should consider.

• Can your employees work remotely?
• Is your infrastructure support ready and/or able to shift to a work from home workforce?
• Do you have a plan to deal with a human virus as well as a technical virus?

It seems fairly straight forward, just unplug your laptop and go home. But is it really that easy? Not if you want to keep your data safe. Here are some points to consider when setting up employees to work from home.

• Do you have VPN set up so your network traffic is protected against attackers?
• Does everyone that will be working from home have a company computer to use?
• Is the private WIFI secure at the employee’s home?
• Is your security ready and up to date? Hackers will use this crisis to get inside.
• Are all lines of communication secure for video conferencing, online chats and team collaboration?

An effective plan is essential so that you don’t have any interruption in your day to day business. While communication is key, your ability to transition into remote work for your employees is vital.  It could be lifesaving.

Social distancing is a remote workforce!

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For more information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) go to the CDC webpage, link below.

CDC Coronavirus

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