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Cleaning Your Home Office the Right Way

It is important that you feel comfortable and safe when working from home or transitioning back to the office during this pandemic. The first step you can take is creating a clean at-home workspace. This will help you build up healthy habits that you can bring back to the office and keep everyone safe. One of the most important things you could do is regularly wipe down your laptops, computers, tablets, phones, etc. These are devices that you are constantly touching while also touching your face, hair, kitchen appliances, cabinets, door handles, and other household items. Here is a guide to cleaning your home office:


  • To disinfect your electronics (computer, laptop, phone), use a non-bleach-based disinfectant. Alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol should be effective against the Novel Coronavirus. This should be done throughout the day so that you can maintain the cleanliness and minimize contact with bacteria.
  • It is recommended to use disinfectant wipes so that you can control where you are cleaning because you DO NOT want to get moisture inside any of your device’s openings.
  • According to MIT Medical, you should not reuse one disinfectant wipe on multiple surfaces because this can transfer the spread of germs from one surface to another.
  • For disinfecting other household/office items, you have the option to use a spray or a disinfectant wipe. Keep in mind that both disinfectant solutions need time to sit, so do not dry them!


Cleanliness is going to be the new normal when returning to work, so it would be good to start creating these habits now if you haven’t done so already. Regularly sanitizing, washing your hands, wearing a mask and/or gloves- these are all ways that you can practice building better sanitary habits.

These are the habits you should build while working from home:

  • Wash your hands before doing your daily/nightly routines.
  • Wipe down your phone and laptop/computer before your morning routine so that you allow the time for the disinfectants to do their job. Clorox recommends waiting 4 minutes.
  • Disinfect your phone/laptop during your daily breaks.
  • You should also practice washing your hands during breaks as well.


Your workspace can never be too clean, so do not feel like you are being excessive with it!



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