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Every day, organizations strive to maximize productivity, lower costs, and decrease risks. In today’s digital world, businesses need their servers, desktops, and applications up and running at all times to keep employees productive.

Protect yourself from unexpected data loss

Studies have shown that businesses inevitably have times of lost productivity caused by a down application server, email server, or an accidently deleted file. No matter if the data losses are minor or major, the situation must be remedied quickly before it starts affecting your customers or employees, and more importantly, negatively affecting your bottom line.

Often, organizations will have several different backup technologies in place to help reduce downtime and increase uptime. However, they still find they have unresolved data protection issues, regardless of how much of their budget is devoted to technology and resources.

Why use Protect?

Why consult multiple vendors to protect your data when one company can cover all your needs? Corporate Technologies has the equipment and service to protect your company’s digital footprint, the data created and consumed by mobile devices, desktops, and servers running different operating systems, along with numerous critical applications.

Protect online backup has data backup and archiving capabilities, offers secure offsite backup, and superior data recovery capabilities. Protect Online Backup will assist you in meeting your organization’s Recover Time Objective (RTO), Recovery Point Objective (RPO), and provide complete data protection.