Protect your business from the unexpected

You don’t just need a data storage plan that increases accessibility and efficiency — you need one that protects your business’s infrastructure, as well. Backups, virtualization, and cloud storage protect your organization from costly, unexpected data loss, whether you’re involved in the enterprise or small business market. It’s time to take steps to protect your data and improve the way your business is storing, sharing, and securing its digital environment.

Service Segments

Storage and data backup includes:

  • A data storage management solution tailored specifically for your business
  • Remote backups made consistently through the cloud to protect your business from costly data loss
  • Virtualization to optimize and manage your IT infrastructure from any location
  • Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Storage
  • Tiered storage
  • Live archiving
  • Cloud-based data protection
  • Disaster recovery

As a Technology Advantage® client, your organization gets:

  • An assessment of your current network environment
  • A dedicated Account Manager to manage technical resources and develop a long-term technology plan
  • Unlimited Help Desk support
  • Remote monitoring that stops issues before they even begin
  • Onsite IT services if we can’t solve your issue over the phone or remotely
  • A better understanding of your own IT needs