Protect your business from an unexpected loss of data with Corporate Technologies Data Backup Services

Your data has likely taken years of effort to compile and must be considered a valuable business asset. An asset is regarded as a part of your business infrastructure and deserves to be preserved and protected.

At Corporate Technologies, we understand how important your data is. That is why we have refined our virtualization and cloud storage systems in an effort to protect your organization from costly, unexpected data loss.

So, whether you’re involved in the enterprise or small business market, it’s time to take steps to protect your data. To do so, turn to Corporate Technologies’ proven systems and improve the way your business is storing, sharing, and securing its digital environment.


Service Segments

Storage and data backup includes:

  • A data storage management solution tailored specifically for your business
  • Remote backups made consistently through the cloud to protect your business from costly data loss
  • Virtualization to optimize and manage your IT infrastructure from any location
  • Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Storage
  • Tiered storage
  • Live archiving
  • Cloud-based data protection
  • Disaster recovery

As a Protect™ backup client, your organization gets:

  • Recovery in the event of disaster/ransomware
  • Backup copies of all your data stored in a secure Corporate Technologies data center
  • Compression and encryption of your backups using military-grade encryption
  • Proactive daily reviews of backup logs, and management of backups & restores
  • A defined monthly fee