Secure and accessible from any device

Corporate Technologies has been providing businesses with cloud and hybrid cloud services for more than 10 years, helping organizations streamline their storage and access capabilities across a complete range of devices. Making the move to the cloud can provide a massive boost to your company’s ROI, agility, and collaboration while also reducing your hardware footprint and data storage costs. No matter where you are or what screen you’re using, our cloud services ensure ease of use and absolute security to make doing business easier. We’re here to find the right solutions for your virtual environment.

Service Segments

Technology Advantage® Cloud Edition includes:​

  • Dedicated virtual server
  • 30-day backups
  • Firewall
  • Antivirus software
  • All servers, storage, operating systems, and Microsoft software

As a Technology Advantage® Cloud Edition client, your organization gets:

  • Immediate scalability to grow how you want
  • Remote access and collaboration across a complete range of devices
  • Additional IT security
  • A reduced hardware footprint
  • Improved disaster recovery to protect your business from the unexpected
  • Cost efficiency
  • Backup services