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Discover New Solutions to Data Challenges from Corporate Technologies, your Data Storage Provider

Every company, no matter the size, needs a reliable data storage provider to look out for their data.

Corporate Technologies, a data storage provider, offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and products focused around data storage, backup and virtualization. Our data storage experts have extensive experience implementing data backup solutions for both the enterprise as well as the small business markets.

Storage and Virtualization at a Glance:

Storage utilization and optimization can be a struggle for many companies. Corporate Technologies’ data storage experts will work with your IT department to discuss a data storage management solution and plan for future needs.

Backup procedures are necessary to protect businesses from experiencing costly data loss expenses. Remote computer backup is a popular way to ensure backups are made consistently, while leveraging cloud technologies. Corporate Technologies’ backup and restore experts will work with your IT department to verify the success of backup procedures and to help implement a plan for growth.

Virtualization allows you to optimize and manage your IT infrastructure, from the desktop to the data center, by consolidating resources, increasing server utilization, improving performance, strengthening security and minimizing system downtime.

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Storage leverages the benefits of the cloud to deliver high‐performance tiered storage, live archiving, cloud based data protection and disaster recovery. StorSimple, now part of Microsoft, is a market leader in enterprise cloud technologies.

Online data storage and data security is an essential part of an overall IT strategy. Contact us to learn how our storage and data backup solutions can improve your business functions and plan for the future.