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Choose an engineer with the skill set you need for the length of time you require.

Corporate Technologies onsite IT placement offers businesses qualified professionals who possess the right level of technical skills and industry exposure without a fulltime commitment.  Whether you require expertise in system design and development, information technology management, or technical support and computer services our engineers skills are centered on an extensive range of hardware platforms and software disciplines.

Why are companies choosing onsite IT placement?

A need for short or long-term technical resources with the qualifications to suit ever changing technological needs has been a continuing problem for many businesses. Additionally, projects such as OS or application upgrades typically are short term and do not warrant hiring full time technical support.

Benefits of onsite IT placement:

  • Access to skilled Technicians and Engineers
  • Access to all the authorizations and technical support that is available to Corporate Technologies.

By choosing onsite IT placement services, your business has access to technology resources with the expertise and skill sets you require for as little as three months or as long as you require.