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Microsoft Exchange 2010 End of Support

On October 13th 2020, Microsoft Exchange 2010 will reach its end of support. So, if you haven’t already started planning your migration, now is the time to do so!

What is Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange Server is an email and calendaring server that is designed to centralize your emails into one database. Rather than having your web-hosting company handle your emails and store them on your computer, Exchange manages and backs them up onto a server. Simply put, this is an enterprise application that resides on your server and holds your email data.

How do you know if you have Exchange 2010?

At first glance, you really don’t. The latest version of Outlook still works with Exchange Server 2010 so there isn’t an easy way for you to look at your email and find out what you are running. Your best option is to have a conversation with your IT company or staff. They will know exactly what your email is set up on.

What Does End of Support Mean?

Exchange Server has a support lifecycle, just like every other Microsoft product. This is where bugs and security fixes, new features and more are provided. These life cycles typically last 10 years from the initial release date of the product, and the end of a life cycle is known as the product’s end of support. This is because the demands of new hardware become too great for old products to interact with them. 

After October 13th, 2020, Exchange will reach its end of support and you will no longer be provided:

  • Technical support
  • Bug fixes for issues that can impact the stability and usability of the server
  • Security fixes for vulnerabilities that can make the server vulnerable to security breaches
  • Time zone updates

We (and Microsoft) highly recommend migrating from Exchange 2010 ASAP.  Even though Exchange will continue to run, you will not be provided the necessary support

So, What Should I Do?

Well, the best option is to migrate everything to Office 365. Office 365 is a subscription service that hosts your email in Microsoft’s cloud. It also provides you with a great array of applications like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint that all backup online through OneDrive. In fact, running Office 365 costs less than half what it currently costs to run an exchange server, so it’s a no brainer.


Contact Us Today  and we can sit down to plan your migration to Office 365!

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