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Business PC vs. Consumer PC – What’s the Difference?

We’ve heard this a lot, “Why would I pay more for a business grade PC when I can get a consumer model for less at Best Buy?” That is a good question. It’s common to want to keep your costs as low as possible when buying hardware for your office. However, not knowing the key differences between a business and a consumer PC could end up costing you in the long run


For a better visual understanding, we made this infographic in order to show you the differences between the two. As you can see, consumer grade PCs don’t have a lot of the critical points your business may need for its day-to-day operations.  Consumer grade computers are by no means bad. They are just not suited for business use


So is a Business PC Better?

Which PC is better for you depends solely on your intended use of it. If you’re looking for a laptop or desktop computer for personal use (save photos, check email, do homework, etc.) then a consumer grade PC would probably fit your needs best. For business use, it is important to have hardware that can be backed up to a network location to keep your files secure. Business PC’s are also built to last so that you’re not buying new devices twice as fast – which could be a real savings.


Looking for the right computers can be a challenge because of all the options out there. Corporate Technologies can provide you with expert guidance on both hardware and software solutions, so you get the best value for your technology investment.


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“When it comes to consulting and taking the stress of something we need and use everyday, hands down Corporate Technologies is the leader and walks you through the process and speaks in a language you can understand.” – Cory Elliott 

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