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Hardware as a Service

Hardware as a Service: What is it?

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is a solution that is becoming more common amongst SMBs. In simple terms, it is similar to renting or leasing because you get to borrow the hardware, and then return it back to the owner once you are done with it. As the name says, hardware is delivered as a managed service, and is built and maintained by the MSP.  

Benefits of HaaS

  • Low upfront costs: You can get the newest hardware up and running quicker and cheaper than if you were to buy and set it up yourself.
  • Efficiency: You don’t have to go through individual contracts for each piece of hardware. And, you’re not responsible for dealing with maintenance or retired hardware.
  • Scalability: HaaS allows businesses to use the hardware they need, and plan to integrate new hardware or cut back on some. 
  • Security: HaaS provides you with the latest hardware and the most up to date version of firmware. This is a key practice when it comes to security.
  • Smoother hardware performance: Updated technology operates better and helps to simplify any tasks.

Pandemic Boosts HaaS Benefits

Many businesses are searching for ways to help them overcome some of the challenges that COVID-19 has brought about. However, it is difficult to establish a long term solution for your business, especially with rapid technological advancements. But, the solutions to these problems are more accessible and affordable with Hardware as a Service. HaaS contracts typically range from 1-5 years, and in that time they allow businesses to change or upgrade hardware as their needs change. 

Corporate Technologies wants to help your business stay afloat, especially through the pandemic. Therefore, we offer HaaS to help SMBs gain an advantage to their competitors by providing the most up-to-date hardware. The pandemic amplifies all HaaS benefits, but maybe the most important, it saves your business money.  The unnecessary spending that comes with updating your hardware really adds up, and Corporate Technologies is here to alleviate that extra pressure. 


Contact us today if your business could benefit from Hardware as a Service!

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