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Benefits for Your Business!

Help Desk Connect is one of our MOST popular services. Alone, Help Desk Connect assists you with some of the more common technological issues you face. This helps reduce your downtime and allows you to focus on your work. While this is great, we’ve created a product that makes it even better!

Help Desk Connect Platinum

Our platinum services come as a bundle and can now be added onto Help Desk Connect. By taking the extra step, you are creating efficiency, productivity, and most importantly security in your workplace. 

  • Top Tier Business Anti-Virus: Enjoy your digital life; This service blocks viruses, spyware, and other forms of malicious software. Also, it protects against newer methods of attacking, like ransomware, which can encrypt your files until a price is paid. 
  • Email Defense Training and Testing: This includes baseline testing which ultimately assesses the “phish-prone” percentage of your users by sending a simulated phishing attack. If a user clicks, they must go through the required training. All of the training and phishing information will be put into a report. 
  • Protect Office 365 Backup: These backups are some of the most effective. Your data is stored in an off-site location, even if your O365 subscription is cancelled. If your O365 files are encrypted with ransomware, this can help recover your data- which is much smoother than paying the attacker. 
  • Enterprise Level Spam Filtering and Monitoring: With 15 layers of anti-spam, anti-virus, and anti-phishing filtering, this service uses the most advanced methods of detection. It also stores messages identified as spam and holds them in a secure 120-day quarantine.
  • Proactive Alerts and Emergency Tools: If ransomware is detected on your device, Corporate Technologies will be notified, and be able to run scans. And, the affected computer will be isolated from the network and internet to reduce the spread of suspected malware. However, in case of emergency, there is an annihilate button that renders the affected device useless, wiping all data. 

Business Benefits

Businesses would benefit greatly from Help Desk Connect Platinum because it includes nearly everything you need. From troubleshooting, to backups, to security, to training, Help Desk Connect Platinum has it all. 

Some of the major benefits that come with Help Desk Connect Platinum include: 

  • Majority of your IT issues can be resolved remotely and timely
  • Unlimited Tier 1 support
  • Monthly Network Assessments/Service Reports

Contact Us Today if you think your business could benefit from our services, or if you have any questions. 


“Really impressed with their business practices and philosophies. Well worth a call!!” -Michelle Henderson


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