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When is The Last Time You Assessed Your IT Network?

When is the last time you assessed your IT network?
While you may be happy today with your current technology, as a business owner do you have the “keys” to your network and can you make decisions about where you want to go in the future without being held captive by your current IT support solution?  We often hear from companies that are not happy with their providers lament, “I can’t make a change, my current provider built my network and they really know my environment.”  The fear of switching providers is common, yet totally unwarranted.
The first and arguably most important step in this planning is having a detailed and accurate assessment of your current environment.  Would you start remodeling your house without a detailed plan?  Would you simply trust the general contractor to build you  a nice addition and hope it works out?
At the very least, you should have a network assessment and documentation that outlines IP addresses of devices, ISP account information, access information, server documentation, network device details for firewalls, routers and switches, and network configurations or drawings.
All too often, we meet with business owners who don’t have a plan or control of their technology, even some owners living in fear of what their current IT person could do if they were to become disgruntled or leave suddenly.  Having detailed documentation and the “keys” to your current investment allows you to be in the driver seat of managing this critical part of your business.
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