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Why Do We Need Spam Filtering?

Spam is a malicious software that can be used to gain critical data and access to your network.  Spam costs you company money.  It reduces productivity and wastes time.  Finally, spam can be offensive and annoying.
Cyberciminals are experts at disguising spam emails as legitimate correspondence.   It just takes one user to open a spam email and click on an infectious link and your whole company is at risk.  Spammers count on it.  They then can access your address book and everyone else’s address book and send out the same infected email to everyone you have contact with.   It is a rolling ball that rolls faster with each click.  It also is used to deliver that Trojan horse that takes over your network.
Spam filtering software is designed to stop the junk and fraudulent emails from ever reaching your inbox.  Think of it as a bouncer at your door and you aren’t on the approved list so you aren’t getting in.  Spam Filters can be set up to look for:
→  words in the subject: free gift, you just won, free gift certificate
→  words in the body of the email: sex, Viagra, lowest price
→  large fonts and bright colors, headers that are illegal or different
→  check the origin of the email
→  check the software that sent the email
→  check IP address (all spam emails come from the same ID)
→  black list the spammer by blocking IP address
Spam filtering benefits companies by:
→  keeping the network and server running smoothly by letting in just the legitimate emails
→  saves your company money by not wasting time and resources deleting spam
→  prevent and/or stop most threats
→  protects companies image and reputation – nobody wants to do business with a company that can’t protect itself – how safe is your data going to be?
A large percentage of malware is still received through email accounts.  Spam filtering allows a business to ensure that the majority of spam emails do not get to the inbox and only allows the legitimate ones to travel on.  It is a low-cost solution to prevent malicious attacks and minimize wasted resources.
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