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DR/BC: Four Reasons to be Proactive

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery is essentially what the term says. It’s the recovering of IT systems and infrastructure when a disaster occurs, and they become unavailable. Disasters are often mistaken for natural disasters, like fires, floods, tornadoes, etc. However, there are many more ways they can take place. In today’s world, a disaster could be a power outage, a robbery, or even a cyber attack. 

What is Business Continuity? 

Business continuity is the proactive planning and preparation done to guarantee that during emergency situations, your company will be able to retain its essential business operations. In the case that the primary systems and/or business locations are inaccessible, business continuity is simply how you will continue to operate the business. 

Four Reasons to Plan Ahead

If a disaster hits, you need a way to retrieve your data, and you need a way for your company to move forward. In early 2020, for instance, many companies implemented a business continuity plan, as they required employees to operate from home. Although disaster recovery and business continuity are differing concepts, they work together hand-in-hand. If you plan ahead and administer a disaster recovery/business continuity plan, you can expect to see the following benefits.

1. Know who to call

When disaster strikes, there is an inevitable sense of panic. Ransomware struck you… The building is on fire… Now what? You can respond to that feeling of panic more comfortably and confidently when you have a DR/BC plan in place. In the event of a disaster, Corporate Technologies has the expertise that is needed to create a solution tailored to your business. 

2. Timely recovery of data

Most companies cannot afford to be down for days, let alone weeks. This is why it’s important to recover your data as soon as possible. In regards to recovering from a disaster, we use the terms RPO and RTO to better understand the risk tolerance of your business.

RPO (recovery point objective): The measure of how far back you need to retrieve your data from

RTO (recovery time objective): The measure of how soon you need to have your systems back up and operating

3. Continue without disruption to business

Since DR/BC solutions are developed to suit your RPO and RTO, you can recover from a disaster in a way that best suits your business. If you are looking for a solution that can get your company back up and running without too much interruption, Corporate Technologies is the one.

4. Mitigate the risk of losing everything

Even a little bit of planning goes a long way. Planning for the worst-case scenario means that risks must be balanced with costs. Obviously, you hope that you never have to use this plan, but you need to have it established in the event that anything does happen. 


Many business’ think that a disaster can’t happen to them. But that’s only because they haven’t had to face one yet. Without an established DR/BC plan, you could be risking several days of revenue, or even worse, your entire business. This is something Corporate Technologies knows the importance of, and can assist you in creating the right solution.  

Contact Us if we could help create an effective DR/BC solution for your business, and we are happy to support you.

“We have worked with Corporate Technologies for over 2 years now. They are consistently easy to get in contact with, and they address our questions right away.” -Nora Hubbard


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