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Why Your Business Needs an IT Help Desk

What is a Help Desk?

A help desk is a resource center focused on end-user functionality. It’s designed for users to contact when problems arise relating to their IT services, software, or applications. Help desks have technologically experienced experts with a multi-tiered approach available almost any time of day (or night). An IT help desk provides your business with a group of certified engineers who are ready to assist your users.

Business Benefits

24/7 Support

Having full time support available improves business productivity by reducing the amount of time it takes for users to fix problems. This is beneficial to all businesses, but especially for those who have a partially or fully remote workforce. 

Higher Productivity and Happiness

Speaking with a certified technical support specialist helps users resolve IT issues more quickly and easily, which can reduce stress and crabbiness in the workplace. So, if your technology is working, your employees are working and are ultimately, more productive. We’ve all experienced frustration with technical difficulties. By providing your employees with an IT help desk, you’re providing the support they need when issues arise. This leads to less frustration and more productivity. And, as a result, you have happier employees. 

Immediate Response Time

An IT help desk provides immediate, same day response time to support tickets and communication with an actual expert (not a robot). Additionally, an IT help desk is typically part of a managed service provider. While most issues can be resolved at the help desk level, there are hardware issues that can be difficult to troubleshoot via phone or remote sign in. In this case, local technicians can be sent onsite to fix it.

Diverse Technicians

With diversity in their credentials, training, and experience, help desk technicians have the knowledge and resources to fix a wide variety of technical errors in your business. Also, having an outsourced IT team support your business broadens the skillsets available, rather than having a few internal IT employees.

What Corporate Technologies Offers

We have 25 experts with various industry standard certifications that make up our help desk. It is available 24/7/365 to our customers and located at our headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. Our help desk serves our customers nationwide. The Corporate Technologies help desk support comes with our two offerings: Help Desk Connect and Technology Advantage (you can learn more about in a previous blog). 


Contact Us if your business could use a 24/7 help desk!


“If you’re getting raked over the coals by your IT company, partnering with corptech will be the best business move you’ll make.”

-Craig Wahlstrand

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